Feb 3, 2011

Secret Garden: A CNY Present

Continuing my tradition since last Christmas, I'll be posting another SG parody vid using Chinese New Years as an excuse (let's be honest: I'm still not quite over Joo Won or SG yet).

Linky to the video will be after this, first up here are pics of SJ's Eunhyuk doing yet another parody from our beloved show. As any Gardener would know, it's the two signature scenes from the drama, The Sit-ups and the (infamous) Bed Scene #1:

Anyway, about the Joo Won parody: It's actually a rather simple set of scenes put together, but what made it (sorta) funny was the BG music, you might've recognize the Crazy Frog/ Annoying Orange-like song. 

There's an interesting story behind this song, dubbed by Chinese netizens as the "Toss Onion Song". The song was featured in a scene in the anime Bleach, where the character was twirling a leek while singing a scat section of this traditional Finnish folk song, levan Polkka by four-member Finnish group Loituma

The song debuted in 1996 but it wasn't until 2006 that song became a worldwide phenomenon, due to that episode in Bleach. 

That concludes our little background story on the BG song, watch the Joo Wonnie vid here:

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!