Dec 23, 2010

SG Parodies Part III

Best batch yet!...And this time there's even a video XD
Guys, the pictures ahead is potentially disturbing, so I'm giving you a fair warning...

The Queen:

Ooof! Joo Wanda, you're really killing me...

My fav is Oska the Hippie, Jong Soo Genie is not bad tho^^

JW goes camping:

When I was little, I used to follow this anime diligently:
Coincidentally, Joo Won's playing the role of my favorite Sailor -Sailor Jupiter *LMAO*.

Only for the eyes of those 19 years old and above (Whew! I barely made it)

Gimme that!
Eww is that Oska in soup? And one more serving of foam please!

My present to all Gardeners this hols, Feliz Navidad everybody *hugs*
 Watch the video here.

Via sina, Baidu and dc.