Dec 23, 2010

BTS Pictures Of SG's Past Episodes

We have a mixture of Episode 9 (R.I.P Tracksuit) and Ep 10 (Damo Binnie), plus some other episodes. Before this, I have been posting lots of cute Ha Ji Won pictures, but now it's the guys' turn to get the limelight: Binnie and YSH. Even Sec. Kim makes an appearance!
Surprise!! Binnie can pout like HJW too ;O

Looks like Oska couldn't resist getting into jail too:

Yoon Sang Hyun having a moment with PD-nim (if I'm not mistaken, he should be Team B's PD Kwon Hyuk Chan):

Secretary Kim:

Binnie keeping his nose warm (can't help but notice the panda eyes):

I just feel like cuddling HJW in this one:

Via dc