Jan 27, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Sign Episode 8

Boy, SIWs for dramas of this genre is really something else...despite not knowing anything (I just started) I am DYING to know what's going on. The whole thing sounds like a thriller more than a CSI-type analysis of the crime scene. Yay for more human stories! I always wished that was the case for America's people-stingy CSI.
Spoiler In Words
Because the case involves a gang-related shootout in the underworld organization, it has received much media attention; even the news of the of Kim Jong Ho's escape, one of the gang members and the prime suspect has been reported. Yi Han questions one of the gang members, Dong Gu on the whereabouts of Kim Jong Ho, but it seems that the culprit is someone else..

Meanwhile, Da Kyung and Ji Hoon is struggling alone in Japan. Reiko, the assistant professor in the local forensic department introduced them to a woman by the name of Kang Seo Yeon. Ji Hoon feels that there's something strange about this woman. He brings up the question: Has he met her before? She only gave him a vague answer about how she completely understands this person Yoon Ji Hoon. The more they converse the more Da Kyung and Ji Hoon felt that this woman give them the creeps. 

Seo Yeon looked at them, as cool as a cucumber and slowly stood up to leave. Only when facing her parting figure did the two realize who she was! She's the Brown Coat in Seo Yoon Hyung's case! 

The said woman, Kang Seo Yeon:
She's a relative newbie in the industry; host of Channel [V] 'Style '