Jan 13, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Sign Episode 4

A year later, Ji Hoon and Da Kyung meet again at the West branch. Da Kyung has been sent to the West branch of the Forensics Department. But the West Branch is already short of staff, and the news of the department getting a newbie does not bode well with Ji Hoon. He protests to the branch's Director, but to no avail - the whole branch is under Lee Myung Han's control. 

They are already busy at it is, and have no time to train a blubbering newbie. At first Da Kyung was happy to meet him again, but because of Ji Hoon venting his frustrations on her, they eventually had an argument. In the heat of anger, she accepts the Hotel Room Murder case. 

Without a clue to the case, the postmortem examination starts. Every place has been examined, and even knowing that this is a homicide, from the wounds it could not be identified whether the killer is right-handed or left-handed. The reason for the scars left on the deceased's hands are also questionable.