Jan 4, 2011

SG News Today

Daily Bites of our favorite drama, Secret Garden (Updated!):

Newsflash #5: Another poster's account of The Market scene. 

The dialogue transript:
Joo Won: What exactly did you do to cry like this? Why are you crying, why?!!
Ra Im: Then why are you buying such expensive fruit. Why don't you have the money? Why?
Joo Won: You met my mom? That's it, isn't it? She came again, didn't she? (hc: I think they repeated/NG this line many times, a few variations but similar meaning)
Ra Im continues to cry.
Joo Won: Still not stopping? Continuously crying uglily like this, don't you know how annoying it is? *Puts on the scarf for her*

This scene was shot for an hour.

Newsflash #4: This scene refers to Newsflash #2 below, I think. 
Scene: Ra Im is selecting some fruits at the market, and Joo Won comes over and treats her in his usual chadonam way. A rude but sweet scene.
Msg from poster:
The same scene was shot many times; my mind is filled with Joo Won's lines and I can't remember them all (sorry guys...)

To sum it up, it's about Joo Won treats Ra Im brashly: "You met my mom right? You're already ugly and yet you cry, so annoying" etc.

Ra Im gets cold, and JW took off his scarf and mittens, hands it to her and says: "I will handle it, (so) don't think about anything else and have a good night's sleep.

He personally puts on the scarf and mittens on her. (More chadonam lines, such as, "You know this is high-class stuff right? Remember who much this costs!" etc. etc.)

Ahh ottoke? I'm still in a dreamy mode...Hyun Bin is really really...daebakㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Our couple has been shooting till late at night now. But there seems to be one scene left. According to the director, there is still one scene left to shoot. 

(He) Should be exhausted right now, but (he) still personally comes up to greet the fans. So cool! (i.e moshida)

Today, I'm mesmerized by him again. I wanted to share this experience with you all, haha.

Newsflash #3: Lee Jong Suk sends his New Year Wishes 
"Through SG, I'm blessed to get to know you all. Please support and love Tae Ssun. In 2011 New Year's Day, I hope that your 2011 will be energetic and hopeful like a rabbit's (hc: because this year is the Year of the Rabbit). Love you guys. Hail the New Year!"
Newsflash #2: Yesterday (3/1/2011); around 9:00 PM
The message:
Ha Ji Won is now shooting at Gongdeok Market...
They say they're shooting, and I was kicked out.. 
Don't know what they're shooting, ahhh....curious, so curious...

Newsflash #1: SG Writer confirms of a happy ending. 
Yesterday (3/1/2011), Writer Kim seemed to have made some rounds at dc, and because of the numerous predictions of the show having a sad ending, she left a message at her Twitter* (the Chi trans say Weibo, but don't think she has one) account. The content includes:

1) Ra Im, Joo Won, Oska and Seul; these two couples will have a forever ever after, so I hope everyone can give their support. 
2) Please don't make me a killer, people! 

Via Twitter, dc, me2day, Baidu (Chi trans)