Jan 19, 2011

IADD's Donghae Gets Hurt During Filming

Omo, our Wook Gi got hurt! Ottoke? 
The fine men of It's Alright Daddy's Daughter. 

He was filming for a variety TV show in Thailand and participated in a water game; he was wrestling when he slipped off the board and hit his face when he fell into the water. Currently, it is only known that he has cuts near his eyes and cheeks (it's deep enough to cause bleeding). 
The staff brought him the video, and when they re-shot the show, he's not in it. But to put things into perspective, it isn't that serious. The area of injury is on the left side of the face, the area near his eye. It is due to the blow from the water impact. 

When he came up from the water, he wasn't looking too good. SuJu bandmate  Eunhyuk and SHINee's Min Ho were anxious to talk to him. 

Credits: News and stills from Baidu's IADD, additional pics from sujudom blog, news translated by hellochloe from Chinese.