Jan 24, 2011

Athena Has An Accident, Both Jung's Injured

Sheeeet! Is January a month of star injuries or something? (although IADD Donghae's was nothing this serious, but still...) While shooting on the set of Athena: Goddess Of War, actors Jung Woo Sung and co-star Jung Chan Woo has gotten hurt. It is reported that Jung Chan Woo's injury is particularly serious. But first thing first, let's take the chill pill: Both actors have been discharged and ordered to recuperate at home.
According to the producers, it happened yesterday night at 9.20 PM when they were filming at Kyungwon University's underground parking lot at Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. 

The accident occurred due to the skidding of the car. Jung Woo Sung sustained injuries on his right leg and Jung Chan Woo hurt his head, both were sent to the ER. Filming is halted and production personnel is on high alert.
Curse the live-shoot format, I say! Curse the schedule that requires them to rush like there's no tomorrow! A member of the crew said, "The story for the 24th will be fine, but we are now filming for the 25th, so I don't know what will happen. Jung Woo Sung's injury is serious, if we can't resume shooting on time, missing a broadcast is not out of the question."

That day, Jung Woo Sung was filming a car scene that required him to shoot (as in gun, not camera) while the car is moving. Due to the oncoming car, the car skidded and the said accident happened. Apparently he aggravated his old knee injury from last summer (also while shooting for Athena), and coupled with his action scenes from Incheon bridge, that's why it's gotten this serious now. 

Meanwhile, the other cast members are filming as usual. 

Via Baidu's Athena, Chosun Ilbo