Dec 13, 2010

What He Read, She Read the writer trying to promote Korean literature? If so, I've nothing against it, reading is certainly a very good hobby. Read 
Part I of Binnie's books here.

While I thought the usage of literary titles in Episode 3 poetic, I found its execution slightly forced in Episode 10. Even so, I appreciate Writer Kim trying to connect the OTP in this manner, 
thus completing the circle: What he thought of her, and what she thought of him. Ra Im has certainly been thinking about him for more than 5 minutes. Oh, if only Joo Won knew.

The books Ra Im read to find out what's in his mind (and heart):
Alice In Wonderland -Oh, I'm sure you know what's this is about.

Like A Fairy Tale -Novel, An average couple that goes through three marriages and two divorces to be together. A modern take on a fairytale, Korea's version of Tian Mi Mi (there was a kmovie remake Yoon Eun Hye was supposed to film with Park Yong Ha-RIP).

The Night That Eun-ha Shot Through The Galaxy -Poetry, On that brilliant moment when two galaxies become one.

A Trivial Melancholy -Novel, Explores the "bad habits" of human beings. Must be about *cough* Ra Im *cough*

A Bad Boy Is Standing There -Poetry.

She walked at the pace of memory -Novel.

Alice In The Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS)
Turns out its not a metaphor, it's a real neurological disease which affects the human's perception. That's so Joo Won to think of love as a disease: first it was hormone disease, then heart, and now brain? 
Good luck in finding out what your real problem is, buddy.

On the collection of books- At first I was kind of puzzled why it's Alice (but relieved it wasn't TLM), but I guess the writer explained it in the Damo scene, when Joo Won narrates he must be suffering from AIWS to be thinking every moment with Ra Im is a fairy tale. Yeah, I think I'm suffering from AIWS too, there's no reason why I should be lovin' Kim Ttol Chu so much.

Credits: Book infos via Baidu's Secret Garden Bar (in chinese), translated into english by hellochloe (note: Books #3, #5 and #6 titles' are edited to dramabeans' translation)