Dec 25, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Marry, Me Mary! Ep. 15 + X-mas Greetings From JGS

First posted: (14/12/2010), Edited (25/12/2010)
HOLEY M...You wouldn't believe it even if I told you. Heck, even I don't believe it myself. Santa came to me 4 o'clock in the morning today. He made Writer Go revise the plot for Episode 15. THAT made this groggy-eyed hellochloe wide awake at 6 in the morning. 
No new news as to what is it so far, it's only a notice stating to the effect that the spoiler is in revision. I don't know much about the technicalities about producing a drama, but if they were to change it isn't it a wee bit late? 

Thus my conclusion that it will be more of an editing change rather than a re-filming one. Which drives me crazy, 'cause now it's potentially shittier than before (bad plot and now choppy editing?!!). I wasn't actually that surprised over this storyline. Perhaps I stopped caring about this drama as a whole, what I gave a damn about was the three leads there, and now that this is happening, I'm quite worried for them...

Thinking Mary would wait for him, Mu Gyul was confused to see her together with Jung In. He's unsure of her feelings for him.

Mu Gyul couldn't fathom, did he sold out himself and his music for Mary? Seeing how they had went through some rough patches together, how could she change into an entirely different person overnight and happily spend time with Jung In?

Mary explained that she went to ask Jung In for a divorce, but no matter how she explained to him, he would not believe it. 

Meanwhile, Jung In wishes for Mary to understand his true feelings for him, he hopes the JI workshop will bring them closer together. At the workshop, people keep pairing Mary and Jung In together, and that made her feel uncomfortable with Jung In.

Seo Joon tells her not to stay in between Jung In and Mu Gyul anymore. Mary is in pain trying to sort out her own feelings. She went up the mountain and told herself she wouldn't hurt Mu Gyul anymore: She would go back to the time before she loved him. 

Seeing Mary like this, Jung In knows he wouldn't be able to reach her with his feelings. He says he wishes for things to be the way it was; on the way home...

The sky is turning darker, and the both of them get lost.

Mu Gyul who finds that they are not back yet, ran to the workshop in a huff. 
Jung In sees Mary slipping, he hugs her and they roll downhill together...

Chloe Says: Oooh what is with this climatic development; I feel like I'm climbing up a mountain myself. Most importantly: How are they going to tie things up in time? 

At the beginning of M3, I've predicted that Mary would end up being independent (like Mary's wish in the start of the series: graduate and live well with her father) before she meets Mu Gyul again. 

But this thought o'mine was promptly shot down by my soompi friends, so I forgot about it myself. Now that this is happening, one can't help but wonder...
hellochloe wishes you a very Merry Christmas too!

A very festive video; Christmas greetings from Kim Hyo Jin and Jang Geun Seuk (sorry no MGY):

Credits: Baidu (stills and chi translations), translated into english by hellochloe.