Dec 24, 2010

Spoiler In Words for TFW Episode 8 + X-mas Greetings From The Cast

~Tip Eight: In Life, A Step Back Spells A Brighter Future; 
In Marriage, A Step Back Spells A Dim Future~
Took him long enough to break up with his mistress. Now the question is: Will hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

The Fierce Wife OST- Deep Wound

Ai Ling picks up a drunk Rui Fan's handphone for him. On the other end, An Zhen's heart skips a beat. "Don't tell me Rui Fan really has something going on with Ai Ling?!"

Both An Zhen and Wei En are extremely worried, while waiting for him, the night ahead seemed extremely long...

The next day, Rui Fan arrives home. An Zhen is extremely angry, but before she could utter a word, Wei En went a step of her and lashed out at him.

Rui Fan is filled with guilt over An Zhen; and angry over Wei En's misunderstanding, how will he respond to the both of them?

An Zhen confessed her troubles to Tian Wei, telling him her husband is having an affair with Ai Ling. Seeing the An Zhen who is at loss over what to do, instead of comforting An Zhen, he told her:
"In marriage, if you take a step back it's over."

Hearing those words, An Zhen decides to bravely defend her marriage.
Quarrels with An Zhen and Wei En is taking a toll on Rui Fan, and Kang De's stern warning finally made him decide -One day late at night, Rui Fan seeks Wei En out and begs her to leave home.

Christmas greetings; (James Wen is slouchy, Kang De is LOL) :

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