Dec 3, 2010

Park Si Yeon Launches New Fashion Label

Oh really. The reason why I'm posting this is not because I'm a fashionista, but 'cause I spotted a co-star from Coffee House that attended this ceremony to lend his support. Gawd I miss the show. It was fun watching loony Kang Ji Hwan. 
The show made me a Park Si Yeon fan, and I lurrve her style she portrayed in the drama. I even had my nails painted that dark hue of blue she sported in CH.

On the 2nd of November, k-actress Park Si Yeon launched the new fashion label "Sweet TOUCH" at a hotel in Seoul. Many stars attended the ceremony to lend their support. Namely:

Porcelain doll Nam Gyu-ri (from Life Is Beautiful)

Hahah. I loved him in Coffee House, the manager with the good ol' country accent.

Who is this hottie? Someone please tell me his name.

Ah. Long time no see, kiddo. Miss you.

Via Chosun Ilbo