Dec 4, 2010

Ji Jin Hee Reveals His Artistic Side

Yesterday (3/12/2010), Ji Jin Hee shows off his pottery works of art at a conference house in Jeong-dong, Seoul. Ji displayed 30 pieces of his works, and all sales proceeds will be donated to charity. 

Adhering to the "Progressive Development" concept, the artwork reflects people's lifestyle. It is hoping that through this exhibition, ceramics will gain mainstream popularity and encourage the public to return to a healthy organic lifestyle.

A press release by his agency said, "Mr. Ji Jin Hee worked hard at his ceramics after Dong Yi wrapped up in October for this exhibition. He has always shown interest and talent in ceramics and various other handicrafts." Not only that, he just participated in a photography exhibition last month and his works has received favorable critical attention.

Ceramics Arts & Crafts Fair will be held from 1-4 Dec in Jeong-dong, Seoul.

Chloe Says: Blimey. Must everyone be so freakin' talented in everything in Korea? Makes the rest of us look bad. Although I can't really appreciated the ceramic stuff, how exactly is it different from the generic mass produced ceramics? 

Via Epoch Times