Dec 18, 2010

The Novel: Marry Me, Mary! (Chapter 2)

Hey, guess what? Turns out I was wrong, the drama really resembles the manhwa ALOT. And because of those similarities, it makes this novel even more of a delight to translate. Doing so puts me in a good mood, just like the drama.
Which goes to show that the original writer who set out to adapt this did a commendable job. Too bad she lost it halfway, probably due to the lack of material to follow in the original manhwa (it's still ongoing as of now). All the same, I feel like a true M3 fan for recognizing all its similarity to the show, sort of like a little secret only a lover of the drama will understand.

As I was translating I was humming a song from M3's OST, which happens to be my favorite theme in the drama. It would be lovely if you'd listen to this while reading the novel:
Marry Me, Mary! OST -Mu Gyul's Theme

Chapter 3: The Angel (Manhwa: 6-8)
The concert was no different from that day, as the aroma of strawberries filled the air. One fell on her head. In her heart she thought, "I knew it. Luckily I made preparations today." The atmosphere was crazy hot, everyone's shouting, cheering and the venue was filled with people -and the middle of it stood an umbrella (to be honest it's quite prominent). But Mary was entranced with the music nonetheless.
A young girl suddenly took shelter under her umbrella. Mary glanced at her, and thought she looked like an angel. They did not exchange a word, they just stood silently next to each other as they listen to the band's music. 

After the concert, the crowd gradually dissipated. But fans were still standing at the entrance, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite star. They were chatting, and one said, "Did you see how Mu Gyul looked when he sang that song? So bewitching!" "I wonder when will his next concert be? I hope he won't be leaving through the back door like the last time."

Mary stood there with them, feeling a little anxious. "Will I get to see him today? I even purposely brought his jacket. What if he already forgotten about me?" At that trail of thought, her mood turned pensive. 
At this time, she receives a call from Ji Hye asking about her parcel. She called Mary to postpone their meeting till ten. It was then Mary felt a strong grasp on her right wrist. She was about to let out a startled cry when Mu Gyul hushed her and brought her to the alley, away from the others. He says:
"I never would've really is you"
Toki-doki. Mary stutters and stumbles to her point, telling him she brought his jacket. She thought to herself, "So he has been waiting for his jacket all this while."

While grasping her hand that was holding the umbrella, and says, "It's really this umbrella! During the concert I saw it and was wondering who would do such a nonsensical thing. It really is you."

Mary was surprised the first thing he thought of was her, and she said so. Mu Gyul replied that no death fan would ever bring an umbrella to a concert (so true. That so ain't cool). The thought of him thinking about her...Mary felt a strange feeling overwhelm her. Mu Gyul continues speaking in banmal, which irritates her as she doesn't use banmal with stangers (drama fans: another familiar trait of Mary's). Mary asks for his age (he's the same age as her, 25) and proceeds to tell him off. 

Mu Gyul reasons that jondaemal is too lengthy, he likes to keep things simple. All the while saying that in banmal. HAHAHA. 
At this point Mary is infuriated with him. Her image of him before (when he was on stage) is tarnished, and the only redeeming quality of him is his good looks. Nothing else. (Another drama moment. Woohoo!)

She hastily hands him his jacket, hoping to make a quick exit but is thwarted when he suddenly leans forward, and stares at her, so close that the only thing she could see were those mesmerizing eyes of his. "W-What do you want?"

He says: "What's with the funny face? Don't tell me you were thinking about something weird." (Tsk tsk.) She tells him to bug off, anyone would be startled if you stand so close to them.

To her horror, he grabs her arm instead. He went on to show her what's outside the alley: A group of crazy fans chasing one of 
Mu Gyul's bandmate, all the while shouting, "Mu Gyul oppa! Mu Gyul oppa!"

Okay, she saw it. A mob of deluded girls. So what? It's not as if it was her problem. But he made it hers. Suddenly, without any notice, he dragged her along while he ran, and whisk her off into the car. 
He ran so fast her eyes blurred.

Mary is furious she got dragged into this, but Mu Gyul is oblivious to her growing anger. Inside the car was his manager and a band member she recognized from that day. They recognize her too. Mu Gyul shyly tells his manager, "Hyung, today we've decided to become friends." 

Mary is surprised, to say the least. Who's friends with whom?? (Mu Gyul sure moves fast). Mu Gyul said it's okay if you don't want to, I can be your oppa instead (tee hee). Okay, another memorable line adapted to the drama:
Mu Gyul: "What's your name? 
    Mary: *looks down and says in a small voice* "Mary." 
Mu Gyul: "Mary? Mary?? Hahaha, mung mung! Sounds like a puppy's name!"
    Mary: *Indignant* "That's not it! It's Ma-ry, a name!"
As if making fun of her name wasn't enough, he carelessly stepped on her jacket he took from her. That was the last straw.
Her fiery aura made everyone in the car stare at her. But Mu Gyul continues his friendly chat. She cursed him under her breath and turned a murderous look upon him. Mu Gyul is genuinely bewildered by her attitude. "Don't tell me it's PMS?" (oh dude. NEVER go there, man.)

She demanded to be let off at once. The manager thinks that she's short of a few marbles, but she tells them that THEY're the one who's cuckoo in the head, and slams the car door.

Out of the car, she clutches her head and tells herself, "I must erase Kang Mu Gyul's name out of my head! Wipe off, wipe off!"

Credits: Won Soo Yeon@daum, Baidu's Marry Me, Marry!