Dec 23, 2010

My Princess Second Look + English Subbed Trailer

Oooh the 2nd trailer is out! It didn't seem as fun as the first one, but it did featured more scenes and a hint of things to come. 
In My Princess, Kim Tae Hee plays Lee Seol, an average uni student who work part time jobs to support herself. She's a girl with strong survival skills; cheerful and straightforward, she does not hide her feelings.

Kim Tae Hee admitted, "Actually Lee Seol's character and mine are the exact opposites. I'm more slow and unhurried, whereas Lee Seol talks alot and she may break into a dance at any moment, that's how frank she is with her feelings. After playing her in the show, I've grown quite jealous of her personality."

Chloe Says: I reckon this show has nothing in common with Goong, but everytime someone calls her "Ma-ma", my thoughts drift away to that other show.

Second leads Park Ye Jin and Ryu Soo Young. Will this be another Seul x Oska couple dynamic? *sigh*

Thanks to soshisubs, here's the trailer with English subs:

Credits: dc, Baidu (chi trans) and soy@soompi