Dec 10, 2010

Ballad Prince Tim To Be In SG's Next OST

Tim's to support good friend Ha Ji Won by contributing to Secret Garden's OST (had no idea they were buddies). But it's not a track specially created for the drama, it is taken from his Volume 5:
"New Beginnings" album, a collection of exceptional tracks.

By composer cum pianist Yiruma, and lyrics co-authored by Lyn, it tells a story of two lovers, deeply in love but had to seperate. 
"Unintentional words, Unlike a man's words,
A Fool's Words, Words I could never say."
These lyrics perfectly capture the words in Gil Ra Im's heart for Joo Won.

Ha Ji Won and Tim met way back through their shared love for mountain climbing (they go to the same association/club). He felt sorry for the lost opportunity to sing a duet with her for the OST, but nevertheless is happy he got to lend his strength for the drama's OST. 
Chloe Says: Despite the lovelorn lyrics, this song sounds light and uplifting; hopeful even. Perhaps it reflects the drama itself?

Listen to it here; Title: Unlike The Words Of A Man (남자답지 못한)

Via (chi trans by Ye Zi), pictures: dc, special thanks to 7lotus for mentioning their friendship part to me^^