Nov 24, 2010

Will Your Favorite Dramas Air Tonight?

Don't worry, yes it will. Probably. This was the vague answer given by a KBS official regarding the matter:
"Currently the situation is fairly stable, and for now the broadcasting of entertainment shows will not be affected.
Yesterday's night KBS2 hot drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night" was cancelled due to the Asian Games 2010, and not because of the current situation between the two countries (i.e. North Korea and South Korea)
However, we are unable to give a definite answer as to what will happen in the near future."
So, there you have it; straight from the horse's mouth. Your dramas will be still airing unless some big shit happens and no one's going to be interested in watching dramas anyway. Please do not be too sad. Hwaiting!!

Here's a fool proof plan to cheer you up: