Nov 24, 2010

OMFG Please Let Everyone Be Safe!

Looks like there will be no servings of the Geun Geun couple AND IADD tonight, people. 
Tension are at an all time high when North Korea had fired artillery towards the border of the two nations. At least 2 South Korean marines were killed and 18 soldiers and civilians were wounded.

To put it short: South Korea has been conducting maritime military drills, which makes North Korea uneasy, calling it "a war maneuver" and accused the South of "reckless military provocation" for firing dozens of shells inside North's teritory around the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong. And the North retaliated by firing artillery towards South Korea. 

As for now, it's not clear how much damage is incurred in the island of 1,300 people. Many residents are fleeing to the South Korea port of Incheon.

I'll say no more. Please take a look at the news below:

Via CNN and RussiaToday