Nov 25, 2010

Spoiler In Words for Secret Garden Episode 6

Ra-Im screams when she looks into the mirror and see Joo Won's face instead. How did this happen? Also, Joo Won looks like Ra Im now.

The two of them could only look at each other silently, remembering what they said about wanting things to change. Then Ra-Im suggested, what if they exchange a kiss? It could turn things back into the way it was. 

This was how Joo Won replied to the her idea (LMAO gotta love this guy): Let it be a 'heavy' kiss, not a light 'peck', and then he closes his eyes...

Chloe Says:
HAHAHA. Imagine looking at yourself as your give yourself a frenchie. I'll just enjoy the kiss and ignore the teeny weeny fact that they are technically kissing each other (this has got to be the weirdest scenario in k-drama history. Evar!)

Also, must bear in mind despite the fact that Joo Won/Binnie said that, Ha Ji Won has to do all the work. Hehe.
Gotta give props to the screenwriter Kim Eun Sook for using such a creative reason for skinship! First it was I'm-gonna-check-out-your-scar, now it's I-gotta-get-my-body-back?  Ooooh~