Nov 22, 2010

Spoiler In Words for It's Alright DD Episode 1

At the garment factory, daddy looks on at the hardworking factory workers and smiles. He then calls his daughter (Eun Chae Ryung) in America. She's sleeping, and hearing her dad's voice at the end of the line, she groans and goes back to sleep. Later on the phone conversation with daddy, she tells him that she wants a branded bag, but he scolds her (for being materialistic, I guess?).


Ae Ryung (Moon Chae Won's elder sister ) calls daddy and tells him she has been busy lately because of the seminar. She then asks about his health check-up report, has the result come out yet?

Ae Ryung hugs XQ* and says,"Let's stop here." (--meaning she wants to break up, in case in wasn't clear for y'all). She then pushes him off, but the he said, "I will absolutely not let you go to another man's arms."

Chloe Says: ooh~ That kind of declaration could only mean 2 things. Either he's an Alpha male (like those in mangas!) or two, he's just a sore loser (who just got dumped but can't accept the fact).

Also, the * means I'm not sure who the character is, since the spoiler is in Chinese thus the names are all different (but still kinda similar). I'm guessing it would be Sun Doo? (anyhow, I think this character is not that important anyway).