Nov 22, 2010

Spoiler In Words for IADD Ep. 2

Chae Ryung runs for her life, and while running she calls out for her dad (she's daddy's girl after all). He threatens her not to move a muscle and stay still like a good girl, but Chae Ryung, with her shaking hands tried to call 112 (~112 is the emergency no. for the police in South Korea). Dad manages to stand up and desperately tried to fight Duk Gi. Duk Gi's head hits the wall, and he faints. 

Dad used the opportunity to grab him by the collar, brings him all the way to the police station and says, "If you cause any harm to Chae Ryung in the future, I will not let you off this easily."


Ae Ryung tells XQ* (who has arrived at her doorstep) that she will contact him later when she has everything figured out. She blames him for getting impatient (couldn't you wait for just a little while?), to which XQ replies, "Compared to me, I think your father's more important to you huh..."

Chloe Says: Whoa. She sounds like a cold, cold woman...