Nov 30, 2010

My Princess Screenshots

No more photos taken by ahjummas anymore, this time it's in HD! The crew started filming on the 24th at MBC Dream Centre in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do.
In My Princess, Kim Tae Hee plays a uni student working part time as a photographer. In one of her jobs, she accompanies a foreign princess (what did I tell you? birds of a feather stick together) on location as a photographer to take photos of her visits in Korea. That is where she meets Sunnie (that's what I call my SSH) for the first time. 

Sunnie boy's the sole successor of a high-ranking corporation; hence he is impeccably dressed in designer suits (darn! that means no singlets ala EOE), while pre-princess Kim Tae Hee is in cute casual wear.
Photographs of the two stars were also taken during rehearsal break. Sunnie said, "This is my first time returning to do a rom com series after a 2 year hiatus and I'm looking forward to the challenge." He continues, "I'm glad to be able to work with such professional actors and crew, and through this drama I'll work hard to show you a new side of myself."

Chloe Says: Now, if I were dramabeans I would probably insert a few snarky comments here, but I'm not that witty and I really need to go study now. So my parting comments are, err, I'll be looking forward to it too? (picture me sayin' this while doing The Rock's trademark raised eyebrows).

Via OSEN, Nate