Nov 28, 2010

Marry Me, Mary! in Manga

Awwww-shucks-really! As if the drama itself wasn't cute enough, they had to add in chibi Marys and chibi Mu Gyuls into the picture. Do you know how weak I get when facing chibi humans of any sort? CUTE doesn't even begin to describe this. All I can do is giggle myself silly.

 Let see: There's a cat, dog, fox and a...tiger? Or is it a cheetah? Anyway, I vote for appa as an elephant next!
Hahahah. This is what MG will look like if he were in a cover of a Chinese romance novel. 

Mu Gyul is displeased about the half-finished knitted gloves...and the fact Maerry Christmas (not the holiday) isn't here.

Mary @ arbeit

Mary the boho version

Mary misses her bus. Boohoo~

Credits: Sensei(s) who made these wonderful works. I'm green with envy at your talent!