Jul 6, 2013

Sunglasses recommended

Yet ANOTHER preview for Episode 5 of Love Around, but I'm not complaining.

(She's touching me. Why is she touching me?)

That face. I have no words.

FB Fanpage Preview - Xiao Shu's Confession:

Xiao Shu: My darling, a third of my life is spent with you. No matter how busy I am at work, or how tiring life gets, as long as I can come back to you, all the weariness of the day disappears.
Zhou Zhen: I never knew, I was that important to you.


Hahahaha.... I'm pretty sure it isn't an actual confession - although they are flirting like the bees to the flowers and all that. However the scene pans out, fans are already all agog over the swooniness that comes when these two pretty people start touching and looking at each other like that.

I watched Episode 4 last night, and I was really quite entertained by it all. Sure, the convenient cliches are still all there, but it seems that the story has finally found its groove, and the direction that it's taking. We got to concentrate more on the inter-relationships now that our heroine is facing the big challenge of keeping her radio station from Daddy Zhou. Daddy Zhou is not as childish and selfish as we thought, but one who is intent of protecting his children from having to live with the sins he committed in the past. Zhou Zhen has to decide between his father's intentions and his own, which will affect Xiao Shu in opposite ways.

And hopefully between all that, we get some intense make out sessions and touchy-feely times for no reasons. Just to smooth things over and for stress release, yunno.