Jun 10, 2013

Love Around Episode 2 Preview

I was going to post the recap for Episode 1 but the computer malfunctioned on me after I had finished screencapping before I could transfer them to my other drives *sobs* Anyhow, it means I should finish my assignment instead I'll have to get to that later. But for now, bringing you the translation for Episode 2 preview!

*click on the link above for the video (credits to uploader)

Men: Hello Kuan Ge! (Big Bro/ Hyung - "Ge" in this sense for mob boss)
Kuan Ge: I think you are prejudiced against Mr. Zhou (himself). 
Xiao Shu: That's because Mr. Zhou is obviously from the triad, yet he pretends to be on the good side.
Kuan Ge: What's wrong with me? Am I her enemy? She keeps giving me trouble day and night!

Kuan Ge: I give you a month's time - buy off this broadcasting station!

Kuan Ge: Remember, never let other people think that we are a mob corporation.
Zhou Zhen: Ok.
Zhou Zhen: This is what we call, doing a big one.

Zhou Zhen: What's wrong?
Xiao Shu: They have so many men, you can't win!
Zhou Zhen: I'll be fine!
Xiao Shu: Let's just run first and talk later!
Xiao Shu: Jason, let go of me! The thing I hate the most in my life is the triad, your actions right now are really despicable! Let go of me!
Men: Kneel down!


Ooof! That expression in Zhou Zhen's eyes... that hurt so bad. Can't wait for richer moments like this!