Jan 4, 2013

In which Ice Sculpture CEO finds his idol roots

I know it's not the 1st, but HAPPY NEW YEAR folks! SETTV sent the main actors from their stable of daily dramas down to Kaohsiung for the countdown party - George Hu, Annie Chen, Chris Wang, and Xiao Yu (Lollipop-F) were there to keep things high.

So I knew they were performing, but aside from the one idol singer in the line-up, I was wondering what sort of performance would the other three be included in. And then I saw this:

*jaw drop* WHO IS THIS?! Our adorkable ice sculpture is not only melted but BLAZING HOT!

Times like this call for immediate rectifying - I searched and lo! Apparently, he performed Super Junior's "Super Girl" along with Chris Wang and Xiao Yu. Complete with singing AND dancing *jaw drops again* It was all I could do not to combust at the sight of our adorkable ice sculpture CEO smirking, hips gyrating, sexay smile flashing while sporting a sharper, shorter haircut.

Watch the performance of "Super Girl" that starts at around 0:53 and you will see what I'm talking about:
So after I reconciled myself to the fact that George Hu has had a career before he became beloved Lan Shi De, I did some Googling and found that he was once a member of a group called Tiger Team. Heh. Glad he turned to acting.

George also sang a duet version of their show's ending theme, Yen-j's "Temporary Boyfriend" with Annie. Their singing's not anything to write home about, but it's like we got a sneak peek into their karaoke session. It's really rather cute, sweet and definitely fan service - lots of lovey-dovey hand holding and couple interactions, which means happy times all around :D
It was kinda funny during the interview session because Annie was there with both her co-stars in her hit dramas - Chris Wang was her husband in "Inborn Pair" while George Hu is her current boyfriend in "Love, Now". She was naturally asked, who was the better kisser?

The host decided to be kind and asked her to describe how the kisses felt instead. She said that with Chris Wang, it was more traditional because they only became a couple around the last ten episodes. She turned to George and said, "Save me!" when the answer wasn't good enough. The other host, Bowie Tsang helped her out by announcing her next performance, which was the duet with George. For that, Annie kissed Bowie, who reported "It's very soft!" LOL.