Dec 4, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 20


I will, Shi De, I will. If you keep those English words coming. And racy scenes with Qi Ming.

Chlo-Meter:resistance is futile.

Magic Power - "放了自己" (Free yourself) 

We backtrack to the last few minutes of last week's episode: Shi De taking Qi Ming home since Yi Ru left them both, refusing to be anyone's ride. Shi De tells Qi Ming that he knows that Yi Ru's explosive anger today was deliberately provoked by him. "I did it for your own good," he confidently says, and oh, no need to thank him. 
"I won't give up." Because the more he knows, the deeper he falls. Aw, shucks. It's like this guy's a Twilight werewolf who has imprinted and there's no turning back. 

Everyone has a temper and their own way of showing it. Loving someone is to accept their all. Shi De quotes Qi Ming aka. his Love Guru, "Women are to be cherished." He doesn't mind being on the receiving end of her assaults, if doing so makes her happy. (Shi De, that isn't healthy. It's DV! It's okay, you can call the hotline!)

"Keep your smile." He once promised her...

He doesn't mind doing foolish things, as long as she's happy, willing to accept him and let him stay by her side, and for that to happen... 

These words prompts Qi Ming to have a flashback, those times he spent with Yi Ru... he finishes Shi De's lovesick vow, "You're willing to do anything." (Thus signifying that he, too, is willing to do anything for Yi Ru. Finally, breakthrough for the casanova.)

"Are you okay?" Shi De asks the dazed Qi Ming. He's fine, and as Shi De is about to leave, he thanks him in return. Because he won't hand over Yi Ru to him. I won't be bothered to correct him since Yi Ru isn't either of their property, because their scenes are sooo entertaining. *Munches popcorn*
His declaration spurs Shi De into a panic. WHAT? He likes her too? He rushes upstairs to Feng Hua and abruptly confesses to Yi Ru, cutting Qi Ming off just as he was about to say something. Kang Shu is confused. "Who do you like?"

"Yi Ru, I like you," he says, thus making it clear to the whole of Feng Hua (the staff's jaws have all dropped.) 

Uh-oh. Yi Ru is having that expressionless face again. She is so hard to read. 
She goes to him and tells him to think carefully what he really wants. "Don't ever confuse gratitude with love," she advises him. And she falls back to her work persona. He is more than welcome to join her, since it'll make it easier if he wants any changes to the video.

Second rejection and still counting, sigh.
Next up, Perfect Man is pimping yet another brand (they go shopping this time), and the whole PP lasted a good 2 minutes before his appearance showed a purpose. As they pass by a wedding boutique, Shi Yun lovingly comments that the white wedding gown symbolizes that the bride has found her happiness. Yan Kai begs to differ. Looks like he is no believer in the sanctity of marriage, deeming it "a burden to love." 

So his plan is to... date forever? Might work in Hollywood, baby, but in an Asian society, prepare to die in the hands of her family. Or yours, whichever comes first. This revelation of his rattles Shi Yun, and she excuses herself in the middle of the date. So long, perfect namja. Glad you were not the scumbag we thought you were.
We're back at Shi De's place. Guess who? Lovely Doctor's appearance never fails to surprise me, so lacking is the purpose of her character in the show. So she's nice, not here to reign havoc, is she the OTP's fairy godmother then? 

Grandma and mom comes clean with her, she is no longer their hopeful for Shi De's wife, since Shi De confessed that he is in love with someone else. Lovely Doctor is not the slightest bit fazed, looking amused since she already knows this. She promises grandma that she'll help them out.

Shi De, now in need of a new Love Guru, asks for big sis. But Shi Yun has not been returning his calls. Guess that leaves Lovely Doctor then. "Can we talk?" 
At the bar, Shi De confesses, he has no idea what to do, for Yi Ru is a workaholic far worse than he.

"Either she is not interested in love, or her sense of self-preservation is very strong." Shi De: "I thought that we would be closer once I return the pen to her." Cai Rong tells him that his move is both right and wrong, while it is thoughtful, Yi Ru could be under the mistaken impression that he is just exceedingly grateful to him. 

Their convo is interrupted by a woman shouting, "You're too much!" to a guy who I assume just dumped her. And said guy is none other than Qi Ming. What a small world. Qi Ming goes down to meet him, and the both of them exchange heated looks. By the by, LNAAs, I approve of this ship. That sound of furious typing you hear is me writing a fanfic.
Before the could act on their passion, the bartender/owner interrupts them with a announcement: A drinking contest, winner gets a guinea pig plushie. They were both sold at "guinea pig." Bring it on! Both of them drink into oblivion while the doctor watched from the sidelines.

(Damn I love this song. It's "射手" (Striker) by Magic Power, first heard in Episode 18 when Qi Ming bumped into Lovely Doctor at a nightclub.)
Speaking of small worlds, this episode adds yet another coincidental meeting to its tab when Yi Qing sees Shi Yun at the KTV. She immediately calls Stalker Boy, thinking he could score some points with her. Oh, if Yi Qing only knew the whole story... of course I'm don't approve of Yi Xiang's stupid revenge plan, but still I am giddy, giddy for his downfall when he falls for her for real. It WILL HAPPEN, right, Show? 

The drunk Shi Yun wakes up in a hotel room the next day, but the most shocking wake up scene has got to go to...

Shi De and Qi Ming in a bed TOGETHER as they wake up in a strange hotel room. And he just called Shi De BABY. Ahahahahah *dies*
Show, I love you, for you just made this ship CANON. Yes let's bring in some fujoshi fans while we're at it! They're both tugging at the blankets, desperate to cover up whatever dignity they've left. "But you're wearing clothes!" is Qi Ming's protest. Does that mean he is not wearing any? 

This is by far, the best "Why are you here!" bed scene I've ever witnessed in my drama viewing career. Qi Ming blames Shi De for everything. Qi Ming: "How can I ever explain this to my girls!"

I am *this* close to shipping them, so tempting...

A pantyhose and one lone red high heel is found in the room. Whose is it? Ha! Each blamed the other for bringing in a hooker ETA: err, probably not that raunchy. Picking up a stranger at the bar? Qi Ming's defense: "I don't need to, I can call a girl anytime I want!" Shi De has nothing to say, only that he's despicable  As they both WEAR THEIR CLOTHES, Qi Ming tells him that it is imperative that last night's events to be kept a secret. He's so dead if any of this leaks out.

Yet another small world happening, but boy this is SO. MUCH. FUN. I don't mind at all! Outside the door, they bump into Shi Yun and Stalker Boy, who stayed in the room directly opposite theirs. Qi Ming's fingers linger on the lapel of Shi De's coat, and with a leer he says:

Baby, remember to call me.

So much for secrets.