Dec 1, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 19

You know what they say, three rescues and you are destined for me

We geddit, Show, thanks for confirming! 

Chlo-Meter:this post is Kang Shu approved.

A call from General Manager Lan. Oh, if only Yi Ru could see how adorably flustered he is. All he wants is to take her out for lunch, but how? It's SO obvious that he didn't think this through: "So... when can I see Hao Sheng's video?" *cringe* (him, not me. I am gleefully soaking up the dorkfest).
He, uh, REALLY NEEDS the video by tomorrow. After some thought, Yi Ru says she's up for the task, the video's 80% done anyway. Yi Ru: "I'll do an OT tonight and send it to you by courier tomorrow morning."

Grea- Wait a minute, courier? Oh, no, that won't do. You see, he won't be here at the office tomorrow, but would like to see the video IMMEDIATELY. "Is that okay?" 

She agrees, albeit a tad puzzled. Woohoo, internal whoop of glee!

Feng Hua gets more stalking - this time by Shi De's grandma and mom (grandma has dutifully abandon uncanon ship after Shi De explained everything). Yes, let's make this a family effort! Operation Tackle Yi Ru commence - this will be like Kim Joo Won times three (no. of family members on board) without the tracksuit(s). 
They approach her on the pretense that they are lost and would like to ask for directions, then play dumb so Yi Ru would bring them there herself. LMAO, they're such a hoot to watch (check out Grandma checking out Yi Ru's height when she wasn't looking). The whole objective of this stake out? To get her birthdate for her BaZi reading (to do a compatibility check with Shi De).

After the reading, grandma laments that the OTP's compatibility is not as good as Lovely Doctor's. Mom tells her that it's because they don't have Yi Ru's time of birth, that's why it won't be as accurate. I really think they should get a hobby.

Meanwhile at the bike courier company, Yi Qing calls in sick - something smells fishy. They call her back but she doesn't answer. Zi Yuan says that Yi Qing always ignores their calls when she's about to do something stupid, scared that they'll tell her off. He asks Stalker Boy, "Do you think she went to find Yan Kai?" 

LOL the background music makes the situation seem so dangerous. What to do? 
DUN DUN DUN, in this week's installment, Stalker Boy gets to show off his... what else, stalking skills. He immediately knows where to locate Yi Qing, since he knows where Perfect Man would be.

Indeed, Yi Qing is at Yan Kai's work place (is it Stalker Day?). Impressed with the grandeur of the place, she comments aloud that she doesn't have a guy like Yan Kai in her collection. Err, do you think you're collecting Pokemon cards now? She's pretty all right, but I find her confidence as a femme fatale laughable. 
Anyway, Yi Qing "accidentally" bumps into him, and uses this opportunity to make a new friend. He shakes her hand - and proceeds to treat her like a 5-year-old, heh. Lollipop and cotton candy for the little girl!

Looks like Perfect Man's still perfect, for the meantime anyway. He goes to see his heart's true desire - Shi Yun. Sorry for going incommunicado for two days and not answering your call. There was a sudden situation in Singapore* and he was too busy. (* Actor Shaun Chen's country. I guess we can count on him to pimp something every time he's on screen.)
And they made up, presumably. (I kind of zoned out. Ooh look, pretty sculpture!)

It's nightfall, and gee, can his giddiness get any cuter? I'm feeling faint. He is sooo excited for tomorrow, practically counting down to the minute he'll get to meet her.
Shaking the hour glass (a running imagery in the show), he tells it to go faster, faster! Squeeee. 

And it's D-day. Qi Ming invites himself to the lunch meeting, with the excuse that the restaurant is far up the hills and he would like to drive her there. And when they arrive, he snatches her CD (containing Hao Sheng's video) and taunts her, neener neener! A scuffle ensues - it's like seeing my brother and I, back when we were both hot-headed teens. 
As a result, the CD - it is now a scratched one. Yi Ru is understandbly angry, and Qi Ming tells her to hit him. Not out of guilt, but like, SERIOUSLY, HIT ME. Ah, I see. He wants Shi De to see the extent of Yi Ru's explosive anger. The look on my face as I realize what Qi Ming is up to.... let's just say it's very gif-able.

And she does - he goes flying to the ground. I don't know how the heck he timed this, but he gets up to see a very wide-eyed (with shock? horror?) Shi De staring at them. Yi Ru is so angry, she's fighting back tears. She apologizes to the General Manager and storms off.

Speaking of storms, one is brewing. Not metaphorically, but like really - there's thunder and shit. Yi Ru screams as she realizes she's in the middle of a bridge (she was too busy ranting). Because it's not that far off from the restaurant, the two men hears it and they raced towards her voice.

Qi Ming gets there first, although he doesn't approach her because Yi Ru doesn't want him to "compromise" the stability of the bridge. I really have to suspend my disbelief here. Location Scout, really? This was the best you can come up with? It looks like a sturdy-ass bridge to me, not to mention it's about as wide as five people.
Trying to comfort her from afar, Qi Ming shouts that he'll figure this out, but Shi De's like, fuck this shit, I'm going to get her. Since she's not looking anyway, he runs to the middle of the bridge, PRIES her fingers off the rails and princess carries her. HARDCORE. 
And suddenly the camera pans to Qi Ming's crotch. Hmm, random. Or not. Take that, you ball-less man!

And she is safe and sound once more. Though still visibly shaken, she refuses to ride home with Qi Ming (understandable), but even Shi De too (dammit). The two boys end up in a car together, LOLOLOL. Shi De knows that the incident in the restaurant was a set-up, and thanks Qi Ming for letting him see this side of her. Qi Ming admits, he did it for Shi De's sake.

Chloe Says
Although it might seem like a sabotage on Qi Ming's part (like he had hinted before), I believe he has good intentions and in a roundabout way, he's really looking out for Shi De, since he doesn't want him to have unrealistic expectations of Yi Ru (as one is wont to do when crushing on someone.)
I wish I could feel something for him, but the love triangle really feels quite angstless for me, which is a shame, since I relish a good tug-of-war over the heroine.