Nov 1, 2012

Ms. Writer Xu Yu Ting, you in my shitlist.

I am bummed, truly bummed out, guys.
As a shipper, I take great lengths to guard my heart. I need to know that my OTP are heading towards Happily Ever After, or at the very least, some form of it. That's about it. I am sooo easy to please. BUT YOU, Ms. Xu Yu Ting, not only did you make me lose interest in the OTP (well I'm happy Da Ren got his wish, but that's about it) YOU HAD TO KILL MY CAMEO OTP. How dare you. HOW DARE YOU.
Truly, I had thought that this would be a lighter version of the (self-inflicted) angst-ridden OTP. Instead of "ITWY spin-off: The No-Frustration Version", I got "ITWY spin-off: You Thought This Would Be Fluffy Happy Love Story. Well You Thought Wrong SUCKER BWAHAHAHAH" version. 

This OTP, which I found after Da Ren goes to Singapore, has the adorableness of unicorns, rainbows and fluffy hearts. Like Da Ren and You Qing, this OTP are the bestest of friends too, though the male, LIN KAI (Abin) - whom I shall now dub Singapore Boy - sees her as one of his "male comrades." 

Wham-bam-SHAZAM! My love for them was instantaneous. How can you not, when his first words to her (on the show) are:

"Chen Ping An! What are you doing with your legs open like that!"

How charming. Luckily for Singapore Boy, the tomboyish CHEN PING AN (Joanne Zeng) is no You Qing, or he'd have been socked in the gut with a few knee kicks to boot. (As a viewer, I like how much that one sentence revealed their relationship - comfy; because they do not bat an eye over exposed undies getting dragged into the topic. Also how he looks after her, like any good oppa should).

Those angsty moments where he sees Ping An getting along with Da Ren. 

Da Ren, due to his own relationship with bestie being a failure, did what he could to save these two from repeating his mistakes - he backhugs Ping An when he saw Singapore Boy coming. Singapore Boy could only pull The Move (step back move patented by Nice Guy's Park Joon Ha)

I squealed like a pig - these two seemed to good to be true. Could he be close to epiphany? Do what Da Ren and You Qing couldn't achieve in just ONE episode?
Alas, like all things to good to be true, he... doesn't quite make it. ARFGHH *tears hair in frustration* Hard to believe, but Singapore Boy maybe even stupider than Da Ren (no offense to Singapore, for singer/actor Abin is Malaysian).

I fell off my chair when Joanne regales Da Ren what he said after her confession: She's the next best thing after his mom. What in the WHAT? What did all those painful looks when you see them together mean? Were you constipated? (If that's the case, I apologize for getting ahead of my shippy self) In the end, poor Joanne had to go to England to find "winter" and nurse her broken heart. 
I was on the edge throughout the last 30 minutes of the show, will they appear again? Yes? No? Yes? A casual mention by the rightful OTP, perhaps? I was so distracted that I barely registered DRxYQ's lovey-dovey marital bliss. They did not appear.  

Seriously, I don't understand the characters in Xu Yu Ting's world AT ALL. I've had it with their hallucinations (are you really there) and them simmering in angst craphole of their own making.