Nov 6, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 3 + Ep 4 Preview

Just when I thought I've nailed down the type of hero Shi De is (tsundere, perfectionist, pretty much perfect), the drama throws me a curveball:
What exactly is he doing with the toilet bowl? You want to know, you read this post.

To answer her question from the previous episode ("Marrying a dying woman... is it worth it?"), he assures her that "the things I've set my mind on, it's all worth it." He tells her that dying doesn't come with a notice, it just comes. I might get into an accident tomorrow and end up dying before you, he says. So don't let unpredictable things get in the way, just live in the moment. 
I guess seeing the wedding dress made the bride jittery. Holding her face, he says, "Look at me." He caresses her face and tells her to wear that dress; he'll be waiting for her. "Till we meet," he whispers. (Hey, that's playing dirty! How can anyone say no to that.)

Like I said, I really admire the heroine. She doesn't seem to register The Hotness AT ALL.

The wedding turned out exactly like her dream... almost, that is. A little more sheen of "awkward" (on her part):
Yi Ru says her "I do" before the minister finishes her vow, so Shi De had to ask the minister to repeat the whole thing from the beginning for his nervous bride. 
(At first I thought this was a scene to show off George's sexay American accent, but I really think it could've been an improv by George Hu. He was looking at the aisle. Annie was looking at the aisle. Aisle = where the director is??? Why am I even discussing this lol)

With the pouring of sand into one vessel, they are pronounced husband and wife. "You may kiss the bride." (Take that, other couples in dramaland! How many of you can claim that your first kiss is on the altar, hahah.) But that was before I saw this...
(Houston, we have a problem. I think I may have underestimated the hero's OCD on cleanliness.)
Like me, she is disappointed (I can hear her thinking, "What the fuck did he just do with my veil?"). She kisses him this time (without the obstruction of the veil of course). Shi De is surprised at first, but seems to take it well enough. Whew! All hope rests on Yi Ru now. Do not fail us, girl.

It's night time, but tonight's no ordinary night. It's WEDDING NIGHT. He kisses...
her hand and bid goodbye (OMFG. I am dying of laughter). Yi Ru has that face again, the "what the fuck did he just do" look. Talk about a whiplash! After a WHOLE EPISODE of him declaring his undying love, now all he wants to do is first base? Poor Yi Ru must be bewildered.

He turns to leave, but she doesn't let go of his hand. Cue awkward pause.
Yi Ru: "We are married."  
Shi De: "Yeah..."   
Awkward pause continues.

"So... your room or mine?" she bravely ventures. After what seemed like a million years, he answers: "You... what do you think?" 
A non-answer, but at least he didn't say no.

His room it is. While he showers, she is berates herself for being so shameless. Now on to the other side of the door...
Although the shower is on, we see that he is not in fact having a bath, but procrastinating about... yunno. "Is this really okay?" (oh, don't mind me, my head is just connected to the table.)

I seriously did NOT see this arc coming. As he mulled over the issue, Shi De seeks solace in the arms of...
... a TOILET BOWL. I die. He spent a minute there - I timed - checking out the toilet bowl's features (did I just see him SHUSH a toilet bowl?) 

But it makes sense. Since Shi De has no idea what to do with his personal life, he turns to his work instead (his company sells bathroom fixtures). 

Hey, everyone has their own way of de-stressing. Don't laugh (gimme gif links please).

When he finally comes out of the shower, Yi Ru is about to die from embarrassment. Is he not into her? I would've thought so to if I were in her shoes. She runs out but hits his chest instead, causing him to fall over to the bed, bringing her down with him. 
Shi De: "Uh, that is... I just wanted to fulfil your dream. We don't really have to do this."
SEE WHAT I MEAN? Don't blame the girl for leaving you when she finds out that she doesn't have liver cancer. All evidence points to him merely being a good samaritan. 
As he heads out, Yi Ru thanks him for all he has done. He looks happy at that, but I am shaking my head at the turn of events.

The next morning, he wakes her up to a breakfast he prepared (arranging stuff counts too) as per one of her dying wishes. She is surprised, but Shi De simply says that he does this everyday for her, so why is she so surprised? (So it's like playing make-believe, isn't it? It looks real, feels real, but is it really?)

But dayum, they really look good together. Whether it's wading near Willy's Rock:

Or just lying at the beach (which is my favorite honeymoon scene btw - love the shakiness of the hand-held camera that brought a sense of realism):

Another wish ticked off the list: He presents her with a stuffed toy crab (for her tummy) and maternity wear so they could play pretend:
Shi De: "You're now 31 and five months pregnant." (I don't see how this is fun, but if they think it is, then it's fine by me)

This is the shit that will soon hit the fan. You see, the original Cancer Scare plan was: 

Scare Yi Ru -> Philippines -> see letter in hotel room no. 308 -> happy hols

but it became:
Yi Ru's friend: "Who the heck is Johnny Depp?"

Scare Yi Ru -> Philippines -> met Shi De -> changed to hotel room no. 106 -> got married (happy hols?)

The end result is the same (kinda?), but how long will this happiness last?

THE SIZZLING (and puzzling)
Touched by the scrapbook he made (on the life she had envisioned it to be), Yi Ru runs into the shower Shi De is CURRENTLY USING (lucky us, Shi De doesn't lock the door). She kisses him passionately and I am puzzled over the foreboding music in the background. Talk about a mood killer, heh. 

Next Up (Episode 4 Preview: "Thank You For The Memories"):
I can't tell how the next episode will go down... is he going to be mad? How will he face her? Will he be all professional (the "cold city man") or that sweet guy at the beach? If he does pursues her, will she agree to a relationship, a real one this time? Oh, the possibilities!