Nov 22, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 14

Episode, HOW AWESOME CAN YOU GET? akdsakdlkjh; akdslkjk; Shi De in love is the best thing that ever happened to twdramaland @_@  My heart is not build for this.

Chlo-Meter: WARNING: Replaces your brain with candy.

Not able to meet her at Feng Hua, he goes to her place instead, sending her a text message (so impatient to bury the hatchet, our Shi De). Will she be willing to meet him? He's already downstairs, waiting. 
She comes down to see him, but only by virtue of his assy reputation (see: any of last week's episodes). You can see that she means business, what has he got in store for her this time? Bring it on

...only to be faced with his earnest apology. Or should I say, apologies, since it took several tries to make her believe that he wasn't trying to pull one of his pranks. 
Shi De: "I came here, not as a client, but to apologize. Sorry for those hurtful words, and insults at your character. I shouldn't have done that."
Please don't misunderstand, he pleads. He was blinded by anger, and consequently the chance meetings they had was seen as something more sinister. He was wrong to have blindly gone down this path, without even asking for her side of the story. "I was wrong." 

Yi Ru: "There's a reason why they say words can hurt people. You can't take them back once it's out there."
Please forgive me, he says. He begs her to give him a chance to make it up to her. Just this once. With steely eyes, she snaps at him: "Since this is an apology, why haven't I heard those three letters?"

"I love you." Oops, my bad, not that one - too soon. "I am sorry," he says with absolute sincerity (I can tell, because EYES.) But she rejects him, deeming him not sincere. Though we totally know - girl is just giving him a hard time, because it is just physically impossible to not feel the SINCERE. 
Apology Take 2 (he takes a deep breath, nervous 'cause this is not unlike an audition), "I am sorry." Her verdict? No Good - "What's with the frown?" (hey, that's just 'cause he's earnest!)

Dammit! He touches his forehead (where his frown resides), dispirited. But then she lets out a giggle - secret's out, I'm just proud she made it this far without caving in to The Cute.  
"So you... accept my apology?" She says it's not like she's blameless in this, so they're even now. Truce? Before she shakes his hand though, she asks, just to be sure: "You're sincere, right?" "Absolutely sincere." They shake hands, both smiling. 

A scene witnessed by Qi Ming, but he did not interrupt (good thinking) since Shi De doesn't seem to mean any harm. Yi Ru couldn't resist having another jibe at him, and pulls a "Hey, no fair. It's not even since she had to suffer so many of his pranks." To which he replies, you can prank me back. Make me hand out surveys, hang out at the factory for the whole day, or... abruptly switch off the power.
What! That was your doing?! You're so childish, I can't believe you're a GM of a company! He denies it at first, but concedes: "Yeah, I am. General Manager Lan's a childish person." OK? Truce?

(Tsk tsk, not even 10 minutes into his apology and they're already flirting. That's my OTP for you.)

Qi Ming tosses and turns in bed, thinking of what he had seen earlier. If he's getting this distraught over a handshake, imagine if they'd hugged, heh. Surely that means he's still holding a torch for Yi Ru? But he doesn't seem to have realized it yet. 

The next day at Hao Sheng - what a turnaround from the meeting in Episode 1. Not only does Shi De not grill said employee alive for his lousy presentation, he says he understands that creativity take time - hence a 10 minute break. Their response? "The Apocalypse is near!"
Later at the office, Shi De thanks Aunt for telling him the truth, thanks to her he realized his mistake, and now they've got back together they are on good terms once more. Aunt is delighted at the news, if all goes well they could be related in more ways than one (i.e Papa Yang x Aunt)...

"Excuse me?" 

How is it possible that two words, one simple phrase, contains SO MUCH SEXY. ABCs and their American accent, GAHHH. (An earnest request to the scriptwriter: Is it too much to ask for a sprinkling of English words in every episode? ANY WORD WILL DO. I promise you, if you do this the boys will be donning bikinis soon, because the ratings will be crayyy.)

Aunt waves it off, and wished him well. "If you like [that person], then you should bravely declare it!" 
Oh look, she's here, she's here! It's D-day of sorts, but to Yi Ru it's just a day for Shi De's interview. And General Manager Lan is fumbling with The Pen. He's trying to use it as a way to confess, right? Because I really doubt that she'd want it back. 

The following scene cannot be describe in words. I could try:
Tries to return pen, but she's all business. 
Tries to return pen, but she's all business Angus. Angus! 
Tries to return pen, but she's all business.
[Show Ends]
OH GOD, WHAT HAVE THIS SHOW DONE TO ME?! I'm such a failure as a recapper. aslkjhl; aslkhkl; Oh well...  *flails happily to Jogging song*