Nov 20, 2012

Boys are like trees, they take 50 years to grow up.

Guys, guys, don't leave me. I KNOW we aren't at a very exciting phase in the relationship right now, throughout the past week you're probably thinking, Why so many secondary character arcs! What a waste of good looking OTP! But guys, THAT'S WHAT FANDOMS ARE FOR. We stick through bleh storylines, with me pinching you to keep you from dozing off, we share popcorn and sojus, we bitch.... hey is that Shi De repenting in the next episode? Is that him seeing the error of his ways. IS. THAT. HIM. SEEING. THE. ERROR. OF. HIS. WAYS.

Chlo-Meter:disbelieving, but let's analyze the preview thoroughly >>

Episode 13 Preview:
  • Older sis tells Shi De, "When a woman lies, it's usually for the sake of others."
  • Shi De in the car, practicing his apology, "I know I misunderstood you, I said terrible things.... sorry."
  • Shi De's SMS to Yi Ru: "Yang Yi Ru, are you free now? I'll be waiting in front of your house."

LMAO, great move by Shi De. Are you free now? Btw, ALREADY AT UR HSE. 

It's a tad 180 degree though, so what brought the change? I hardly think that older sis's comment did it. So, did Aunt finally fessed up? Finally, something worth watching in the next episode. Fist pump!