Jun 10, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart Episode 21

The show is heading towards its climax! Speaking from experience, I find that shows with more than 30 episodes tend to drag towards the end, although they were oh-so-hooking at the beginning. 
But of course, CYHMH may just be different from the rest. I like the writer for this show, Moon Hee Jung A LOT. Smile, You was great till the end, so I'm a hopeful chloe.

Spoiler In Words
Jun Ha heart aches when he sees Young Kyu's tears. When Jun Ha finds out that he is suspected of embezzling and stock manipulation, he calls Jin Chul. Dong Joo sees Jun Ha getting arrested, and hears his mom's words of betrayal. 
On the other hand, Shin Ae overhears Young Kyu and grandma's conversation, and finds out that Jun Ha is her own son. 

Via Baidu's CYHMH