Jun 22, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love 15

Okay no one's gonna die... whew! Looks there's a time skip too!
Spoiler In Words

The Dokgo who has received treatment overseas, he is completely restored and revitalized. And thanks to his upgrade (of the heart), Dokgo is a more "special" than ever before (is that possible?).

Seeing the "miracle man" who's even better than the Dokgo before, Ae Jung is torn on whether to break up their relationship for the sake of his future. 
Pil Joo who's at the Medicinal Herbs Market bumps into Ae Jung who's dressed like Jang Geum, in sageuk attire (okayy, this is so weird...)

Meanwhile, Dokgo has a happy reunion with Ding Dong :)