Jun 14, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 14

Err... so you are actively pursuing her now? Like right now when the OTP already had their moments and is as strong as ever? This is so weird considering Seung Il liked another woman enough to propose to her an episode ago *confused*
Spoiler In Words
So Young attends a Color Expo in a quest to get some inspiration for her designs, and there she bumps into Seung Il.  And in order to spend some with So Young, Seung Il made a bold move...

On the other hand, Jin Wook and So Young arrives at the batting place to conduct a survey on the apparels of dating couples. And suddenly, inspiration strikes So Young!
Chloe Says: Alrighty, since SIWs are somewhat ambiguous, maybe he just wants some time alone to ask for relationship advice? Like why is my woman so bitchy towards my step-daughter lol