Jun 7, 2011

A Preview & A Transcript: Best Love Episode 11

Wahh~ What did the k-heroines ate this week? My girls this week no longer wanna pursue their men, instead it's time for the guys to pay their dues now *evil laughs* I gotta admit, I like this side of Ae Jung rather than her "Yes chep!" personality a few weeks before. 
Although, try not to be too hard on Dokko here, will 'ya? His heart might not be able to take it, the poor lovesick dude.

Preview Video:
Dokko Jin: We maybe stuck here for 3 days and 2 nights. I guess you're in a tough spot, Gu Ae Jung.  
Ae Jung: You're must be lying! Even if I have to dig a tunnel to get out of here, I'll do it! 
Pil Joo: If you care for me, even a little, please let go of that person. 
Dokko Jin: I'm now faulty, I can't control myself.
Ae Jung: Do whatever you want then, I'm going.
Se Ri: The refined Mr. Yoon Pil Joo, you won't even get mad when you see this kind of thing? 
Se Ri to Evil Manager: You should know what I mean, right?
Dokko to Potato (lol): I will show Gu Ae Jung how stong you are.
Dokko (monologue-ing): Gu Ae Jung, I miss you~ 
Ae Jung: Continue and try to grab hold of me then, I'll continue dodging you.

Via Baidu's BL