May 11, 2011

Video Preview for Cup 5 of DTLY + Some DTLY Trivia

Whatchu laughing at? Think it's fun having strawberry juice drizzling down your head? you know, same old same old. Bits of narration by yours truly for those who are not Chinese, or is Chinese but a banana. 

Wow so our hero might actually dump his hot supermodel and to-be actress girlfriend extraordinaire for the wild (but cute) pig? And she's not pregnant? No force circumstances? Love it! Love it when Show takes initiative like that. No force circumstances, just because I WANT TO. Yay! 

And nay (and boo!) if it was all an editing trick. Friends DO NOT say mushy stuff like below, do they?:

  • Scene one: The Love Triangle + One Hot Hunk is in a nice cosy restaurant (with a great a cappella group too). Ai Wei spots the couple having a dance, looking very intimate like the OTP they're meant to be. Jie Xiu voiceover: "I may not be able to take away your pain and heartache, but I can at least lend you my happiness in the days to come." 
  • A clearly distraught Ai Wei drops the menu from her hands, and thinks: "Don't tell me's not an act for them anymore?" 
  • A confrontation scene: Ai Wei tells Xiao Ru off, with the "He's Mine You But You Think You Have What It Takes To Take Him Away From Me Huh?" talk. Ooh game on. Or is it over already?

Chloe Says: I'm expecting more conflict since we're just 1/5 through the show (assuming it's 20+ episodes like the other SETTV shows), and expecting more of Hot Hunk to complicate situations. And I KNOW y'all is asking: Yes, he is of mixed descent; part Chinese and part English.
Off the set, actor Tom Price is particularly close with Tiffany as he teaches her Cantonese (he's from HK) while she teaches him Mandarin. Tiffany adds: "Every time we meet he will test me on my Cantonese. He even gets angry if I do badly." (LOL)
Did you know? Rainie and Tiffany Xu were high school classmates. Tiffany has mentioned that it was great having the opportunity to do a project together after having graduated for so long; the camaraderie they share helps a lot with the acting on set.
Tom shares his fifteen minutes of fame: He met with S.H.E's Ella at the airport and despite not knowing each other, Ella asked him for a photo. He said: "She was surrounded by fans at that time yet she came and asked for a photo, I was very surprised."

In preparation DTLY, he hired a language teacher for some one-on-one tutoring besides relying on hanyu pinyin (Chinese romanization) to memorize his lines, and is now (relatively?) fluent despite being in Taiwan for only six months. Language barriers aside, let's hope his performance is not wooden, since he IS suppose to be this big blockbuster HK star in the show.

Via SETTV's official (DTLY) website and youtube channel