May 10, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Ep. 2

Mr. Destiny - Taru

No time for small talk, I'm rushing against time 'cause the electricity in my house might be off anytime soon (also means nada internet). Byes!

Spoiler In Words
In a room where the sign "Top Lawyer Jung" is hanging from, the place is a total ruckus with a crowd of people gathering there. Park Hoon who is looking for Lawyer Jung is surprised, wondering what is going on. He spots a middle-aged woman with a dominating figure wearing a fierce expression, and next to her was Lawyer Jung, looking like a clueless dwarf in comparison. 

Turns out that the crowd had gathered because the middle-aged woman's lawsuit did not turn out as expected. No one could comfort her, hence they just stood idly by. 
On the other hand, Ki Joon and Park Hoon met at the entrance and came in together. The staff who sees Ki Joon gave him an odd glance and started to whisper amongst themselves. When he had demanded that the staff tell him who is behind such rumors, but they seem utterly confused facing those orders.