May 4, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 11

An SIW for a (relatively) new series!
Can You Hear Me? (Instrumental) - CYHM? OST

Now, here is one childhood-to-adult romance drama drama after my heart. Never mind the fact that I have yet to finish episode 1, every gut in my dramaddict instinct tells me so. Therefore I figured that I'd better post something up on the drama before I regret not doing so. 

Spoiler In Words
Upon hearing the news that Dong Joo and Woo Ri are together, Joon Ha is afraid that Woo Ri will discover that Dong Joo is hearing impaired. He rushes crazily to Dong Joo's house and tells Woo Ri straight up that Dong Joo has forgotten all his childhood memories. 
Dong Joo's cosmetic factory has started its operations again, however his dad puts pressure on Dong Joo's factory by collaborating with their direct competitors. Dong Joo is afraid that his rivalry with Jin Chul will affect Joon Ha and his mom, Dong Joo is determined to solve all the problems himself...