May 20, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 7

Americano - 10 cm

Today's spoiler has so many names it will put It's Okay Daddy's Daughter to shame! But it's still better than the ever-changing names in Sign though, so that's good :D
Spoiler In Words
After a dinner date with Jin Wook, So Young went to Seung Il's house because she wants to see Hyun Yi. Unexpectedly though, Jin Wook has also arrived at Seung Il's house! At Seung Il's house, it's gathering again between Jin Wook, So Young, Yoon Seo, Seung Il and Hyun Yi! 

An alarming statement by Hyun Yi has exposes the hearts' of the four! And Jin Wook gave a kiss to So Young that took her by surprise...
Because of Hyun Yi, So Young always gets tangled with Seung Il. The Yoon Seo who finally snaps, reveals her "trump card"!