May 4, 2011

49 Days: The Magazine

I know the title mentions 49 Days, but forget about JHJ, Lee Yo Won, BSB and Nam Gyu Ri. It's all about The Scheduler baby! 
I suspect that his subplot is 99% responsible for my sudden peak of interest in the show. For me, the journey was incredibly mediocre until the turning point during Episode 12's ending. Something snapped in me during the last 15 minutes of that episode. 

An episode later, I love everyone, from Han Kang to Shin In Jung (in fact, I found the supposed "witch" most pitiful).

Now for the pages: 

A very emo side profile.

Next, it's chibi's turn: 
 So cute! The texture of chibi's hair looks the same as his real life self.

Moe glasses! Did he don them in 49 Days? I can't recall....

It must be fun being the only supernatural being in the drama, you get stylistic photoshoots^^

Via Baidu's 49 Days