Feb 8, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Paradise Ranch Episode 6

After 4 episodes, I'm pretty sure I'll be watching this faithfully. Though it ain't crack-level, yet. I wonder, will it ever reach that stage? Perhaps this would be like what It's Alright Daddy's Daughter was to me, nice but legal (substance). Which ain't a bad thing, since one would literally go quite mad yearning for the upcoming episodes of a show, if one were addicted. 
Brian Joo - Resemble (I did a post rambling about him once, but I can't call myself a fan without ever listening to his songs, can I? I finally got around to sample his songs, and I found this to be my favorite.)

Spoiler In Words 
Because Da Ji has sprained her foot and is in pain, she just wants to sit on the hay. But Dong Joo insisted they call a taxi, prompting Da Ji to tell him off in a brassy manner: "It's just 10 minutes away, why would you want to spend money unnecessarily?!" Dong Joo did not say a word, he could only sigh in relief.
Looking at Da Ji limping away like that, Dong Joo couldn't bear it and approaches her. He offers to piggyback her, but Da Ji stubbornly insists to walk on her own. But in the end she reluctantly lets him piggyback her as they head forward. 

Meanwhile, Yoon Ho was driving when he saw the two of them together. He grows anxious at the sight of Dong Joo carrying her...

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