Feb 1, 2011

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Ep. 9

Because Of You - BEAST (as much as I enjoy the indie part of the OST, the pop part isn't too bad as well)

Darn it, I can't find the words to express how mad I get every time Yoon Ju appears on screen. I am convinced she is created for the sole purpose of hatin' from the viewers. And hate her I do. It wasn't a problem until Episode 8 (that was the boiling point). Gawd, the way she talks impassively to Lee Seol - I get more pissed off by the fact that Lee Seol isn't even doing anything to put her down. Yorobun, let's make a date to burn this witch at stake. 

Spoiler In Words

Lee Seol finds herself unable to surpress her feelings when she hears about Hae Young's impending marriage to Yoon Ju. And when Hae Young sees that Lee Seol has been getting the brunt from her sister regarding what he said at the press conference, he goes off to see Lee Dan. 
At the B&B, he then explain to her that the statement he made at the press conference was done out of his own accord and not per Lee Seol's instructions. 
Meanwhile, the ceremony for the re-launching of the Royal Foundation has begin. As Lee Seol steps into the solemn banquet hall only to find it completely desolate, she gets completely flustered.