Feb 5, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Episode 13 + Preview Video

Sorry for the delay, it was crazy busy yesterday due to CNY, did not sleep and hence over-slept today =_="

~Tip Thirteen: Worse Than Cheating, It's Lying!~
Hair Like Snow - Jay Chou (I always had mixed feelings for this song, as it tells a tale of this guy's "true love", which is ok but it involves him cheating on another!)

An Zhen finally knows of the truth, and in order for things to go like they were with Rui Fan, she chooses to forgive him and pretend that nothing has happened. In fact, she's so calm Rui Fan does not suspect anything amiss. 
Meanwhile, An Zhen's in-laws prepares a special "gift of love" for their tenth wedding anniversary that's coming up...
Wei En is on leave for days, even until An Zhen and Rui Fan's anniversary, she is still missing work. Rui Fan is extremely worried, and could only suppress the impulse to call Wei En...
Ah Tang and Qi Qi went to visit Wei En who hasn't show up at the office for days. They found her sick at home, and hurriedly sent her to the hospital. The critically ill Wei En was only worried about one thing, and murmured to them: "Do not call Zhe Fu*(brother-in-law, i.e Rui Fan)...."

To celebrate their wedding anniversary, An Zhen prepared an array of delicious dishes for the whole family's get-together. When Rui Fan arrived at their home entrance, he gets a call from Ah Tang. Despite the whole family waiting for him at home, hearing Wei En's news he resolutely decides to turn back...
Everyone waited in vain for Rui Fan's arrival, especially An Zhen who's broken hearted. Under the gloomy atmosphere, dad gets a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital!

When An Zhen found out the reason Rui Fan had failed to come home, his past affair and all the tell-tale signs of the indiscretion begin to play in her head. Like a slideshow, scene after scene of the past event played in her head, and she begins to lose control. 
The next day, Wei En who's recovered gets back to work. The raging An Zhen with all her might, she goes and slap her publicly!
Chloe Says: Well deserved, Wei En. Can't say I feel sorry for her.

Preview for Episode 13: