Feb 15, 2011

More (sexy?) stills from C-drama Moving Gingerly (Bu Bu Jing Xin)

"A love through time and space, a soul-stirring love story. Originally a city girl, due to an accident she finds herself in 18th century ancient China. And with her insight of the Qing dynasty's history she steps foot into the palace. She knew that she should not get embroiled in the princes' battle for the throne, but she could not help herself, for there is someone she loves, and someone who loves her..."
Blue & White Porcelain - Jay Chou
See what you've done to me, c-drama? I don't even find myself thinking about other dramas other than you anymore. And you have not even aired! 

This show brings back so much memories of costume dramas - especially those times when I cried buckets over their tragic endings. Do you know the ways a concubine would die when given a death sentence? There're three (perhaps more): One, you're "presented" with a cup of poisonous wine - lucky you if you get this. Two, you're "presented" with 3-meter long cloth - for you to gracefully hang yourself, duh. Three - this one is my fav; you lay down as they stack wet paper on your face, layer by layer until...well, you can't breathe anymore.

Boy, those were the days...notice my choice of word "presented"? That's because it's literally an honor for you to die by those ways, a merciful "gift" for the wrongs you've done (imagine the non-gift ways to die...). But anyhow, don't worry I don't think there will be any of those here, it's just something I remembered :)

Btw I'm on 4th Prince's boat. They're just something I don't like about this 8th Prince (maybe it's just Kevin Cheng)...oh well, things could pretty much change later on. Especially from what I've read, there's hardly any 4th prince-action in Volume 1 at all! He appears less than 5 times -_-" But things do get better once Ruo Xi is admitted to the palace. 

In these stills, 8th Prince has gotten wounded from an arrow, and thus had to strip his clothes (something I've missed from costume dramas). Ruo Xi is there to nurse him:
She must've stayed to long in the ancient times, 'cause no city girl would blush at the sight of a topless man (would they?)

Will history repeat itself? 
As the heroine is someone from the future, she knows too well that the 8th Prince will ultimately meet with a tragic ending. But due to the 8th Prince's tenderness shown towards her, she could not help but give him her heart. Therefore she uses her knowledge of history to help the 8th Prince evade his tragic fade and leave a peaceful life, but little by little she gets embroiled deeper into their rivalry for the throne.

Chloe Says: So which Prince are you rooting for? I'm now busy reading the novel that inspired it all. Huhuhu, time to ship - 4th Prince or 8th Prince? I've already made up my mind... 

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