Feb 12, 2011

Jung Woo Sung: Shin Min Ah's My Ideal Woman

A presscon was held in the afternoon on the 8th at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul for Giordano's Spring and Summer 2011 collection. Ambassadors Tiger JK, So Ji Sub, Shin Min Ah and Jung Woo Sung attended the said conference. Don't get me wrong, I love the CF but whatsit got to do with Giordano? To me the emphasis was on the "M.J" harmonica instead (hmmm...maybe Lee Min Jung?).
I've noticed, Koreans seem to have this obsession over this ideal type thingy. When the MC asked Jung Woo Sung on who's his ideal woman, he immediately replied: "Shin Min Ah". 

Beside him, Shin Min Ah answered: "Someone who will clean up the dishes, is good at cleaning and would frequently smile at me is my ideal type." (which is basically the content of the CF they did together). To this Jung Woo Sung said, "I'm such a person." Hehehe, what are you two people doing, flirting during presscon? 

But when you're asked stupid questions, you get stupid answers. Not everyone frank like Suzy you know. Jung Woo Sung was the ambassador alongside Jeon Ji Hyun for Giordano six years ago, and when asked on who's the best: "Jeon Ji Hyun or Shin Min Ah?" He (diplomatically) answered: Six years ago Jun Ji Hyun's the best and now Shin Min Ah's the best", thus satisfying both parties.

Tiger JK on the left, looking very hip-hoppy:

But the MC beats 'em all, the red frames oh!:

I like the angle for this photo alot. Shows how very tall they are:

Their individual shots:
Shin Min Ah. 

She so purty.

I call this d'Gumiho Stare:

Jung Woo Sung.

So very suave:

So Ji Sub. He looks abit disheveled, but at least he didn't pull out fashion stunts like his infamous Award do's. 

Via respective photo credits, Baidu and dc