Feb 17, 2011

Binnie At The Airport & BIFF

Photos galore! Hyun Bin leaves to Berlin for its 61st international film festival on the 15th with Come Rain, Come Shine co-star Im Soo-jung.
This is kinda irrelevant, but was reported as a news anyway: Believe it or not, this whole outfit costs approx. 10 million won. How they found the brand of each and every item he wore is beyond me; check it out (USD conversion in approximates):

Giorgio Brato vintage leather jacket - 1.71 million won (1 500 USD)
Alexander McQueen's printed tee - 350 thousand won (300 USD)
Julien David scarf - 790 thousand won (700 USD)
D&G aviator sunglasses - approx. 300 thousand won (250 USD)
Dsquared2 faded jeans - 690 thousand won (600 USD)
Giorgio Armani black high-top boots - 1 million won (890 USD)
L'inoui bagpack - 700 thousand won (600 USD)

All of these, plus his watch from his private collection has a combined total of 10 million won (approx 9 000 USD). Which must mean that his watch is approx 5 million won (4 600 USD). *reels*

Makes me think this suit has gotta be cheaper; the couple in Berlin:

Don't ask me, I have no idea what he's pointing at:

Credits: Respective news outlets as indicated on photo.