Jan 25, 2011

Wouldn't You Like To Know: Some Anecdotes On Their High School Days

By "their", I'm mish-mashing 2 tid bits I read about Ha Ji Won and Kim Tae Hee during their high school years - boy, they must had it good. Unlike mine... 

Ha Ji Won's Report Card Exposed!
First of all, isn't there a law against this? Something about student-teacher confidentiality, no? Hmm...

Recently, screenshots of Ha Ji Won's Year 1 to 6 Report Card has been put up on a website via a television program that featured it; it became one of the most viewed posts of all time. 

It is reported that from the 2nd grade up till the 3rd year of high school, she has been the class leader or assistant class leader for 8 consecutively years. The reviews from teachers has also been positive; HJW was also the choir conductor in the group; to sum it up: an all-around good student. 

A Princess Trick: How Kim Tae Hee Got Her School Fees Waived
Hah! But this "trick" only works for the pretty. 
Kim Tae Hee has always been known for both her beauty and brains. She attended Ulsan High School, one of the leading high schools in the country. For three years her scores were among the best, needless to say she became one of the most sought after girl in school (that means: many, many pursuers). 

It is said that because of her beauty, the tuition she attended - no matter which class, attracted lots of male students. As a result of this, the tuition school decided to waive three years of her tuition fees. 

Via Baidu's My Princess and Secret Garden