Jan 28, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Paradise Ranch Episode 3 & 4

Journey - DBSK feat. SNSD's Seohyun (Paradise Ranch OST)

...and I heave a sigh of relief. Sure, it isn't as good as I'll like it to be, but it's nowhere as bad as I feared it would be either. To me the biggest weakness is not Changmin's acting or anything, but rather the lackluster storyline. It feels a bit to simplistic on its part, so no pulling factor on that count (yet). Two more episodes to go, and we shall see. I hope they have more flashbacks in store for us, 'cause I'm very invested to know how the young couple came into such a state (plus they were super cute then).

To ilikehim: Pssh! Tell me this is not the cutest cowboy you ever met! 

Spoiler In Words Episode 3
Dong Joo's grandfather tells him that it will be easy to win the hearts of the residents, as long as he moves in. When asked on where he'll be moving in, grandpa answered: "As long as you move in to the ranch, we'll be able to fix the resort's image ruin by your father AND get to procure the agreement letter from the residents." His answer throws Dong Ju into a fit.
Da Ji isn't any happier to hear that piece of info either. Absolutely NOT, she says, the house is already owned by her. 

Spoiler In Words Episode 4
The four of them dine in the open air at the terrace. Da Ji and Yoon Ho sat on one side, with the other side being Jin Young and Dong Joo. Da Ji realizes the awkwardness of the whole situation, and glances up at Yoon Ho in embarrassment.  
Yoon Ho tells them Jin Young and him graduated from the same school. Jin Young then told Dong Joo that before she went to France, she was in New York studying Business Admin. As they chat Yoon Ho continued to praise her, "So you were interested in Business Admin, I heard you changed to interior design. At first I thought it was as a hobby, but I saw the upcoming resort proposal and its pretty decent." But Dong Joo doesn't look too happy at the familiarity between Yoon Ho and Jin Young...