Jan 24, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Paradise Ranch Episode 2

Yikes! It's premiering today already, anyone getting butterflies in their stomach? I am. I am prepared - have set the appropriate level of expectation. I'm quite positive about it all: If Changmin is wooden like what they said of Taecyeon's performance, I think I can take it, since I thought Tc is fine in Dream High. And if I get enamored over Giant dude - that's it. Game Over. I'm following the show. 

Spoiler In Words

Da Ji is sorry she owes a favor to Yoon Ho again, she tilts her head and says, "Ajusshi has appeared like fate." Yun Ho asks her whether this is the ranch she has mentioned previously, but when Da Ji answered she seemed upset, confusing Yoon Ho. Seeing his expression she sensed his puzzlement, and changes her reply: "The situation will be resolved soon." 

She continues, asking him whether he has already decided on where to stay. Yun Ho answered he's scheduled to stay at DI Resort. She gets angry and tells him not to go there again.

Via Baidu's Paradise Ranch